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Now that your home looks and feels so beautiful, you’ll want it to stay that way.

So your Operator will complete the job with an application of a professional stain shield.


This is sprayed on following the cleaning process. As a result:


Dry soil and dirt can’t work their way in so easily. This makes your regular vacuuming more effective and cuts down on

wear and tear on your floor coverings and upholstery.


Stains from common food and drink are blocked. This makes them less likely to take hold in the first place and easier

for you to remove.


Spills are repelled. They can’t penetrate so deeply and are therefore easier to mop up.

Oils, too, are held at bay. So you’ll have fewer marks for cooking fats, grease and hair/body oils.

Carpets and upholstery are manufactured with a built-in stain shield. A professional clean removes this protection, so it

needs to be replaced.

Without a stain shield, your carpets/upholstery will collect dirt quickly rather than repelling it.

So applying stain shield enables you to go even longer between professional cleans.

In other words, you’ll enjoy that ‘good as new’ look well into the future.

WARNING: Rogue traders falsely claim that their cleaning solution contains a stain shield. It must be sprayed on following the clean.

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