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When we deep clean your carpets, we bring the feeling of a fresh start into your home.


So, naturally, many of our clients take advantage of the complete suite of services provided by Freedom’s experts.


We’re delighted to offer professional cleaning of the following:

Carpets: –  Deep cleaned & you can walk on straight away.

Upholstery: –  Contemporary, Electric Recliners & Antique.

Rugs: –  Modern, Antique & non-UK. (following dye tests)

Leather: –  Hand cleaned & Re-oiled.

Antique Furniture: –  Including Horse-hair fillings & Re-upholstered items.

Dining Room Seats: –  Also Headboards, Stools and similar.

We promise to take care of your most cherished items as we turn back the clock and bring out their natural beauty.

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