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Even though we'd perhaps rather not know, the average home contains over 3 million dust mites and their faeces. 

A two-year-old carpet or upholstery can be so infested with dust mites and their faeces that its weight increases by 10%. 

Dust mites' primary food source is our dead flakes of skin. 

Their faeces combine with their saliva to form a protein that's responsible for triggering many allergies. 

These harmful bacterial particles are easily disturbed and remain airborne for at least fifteen minutes at a time. 

Over 85% of asthmatics are sensitive to dust mites, making them one of the primary triggers of asthma attacks. 

No dry household vacuum cleaner is able to solve this problem; the dust mites are so tiny that they simply pass through the

filters and back into your home. 

So what can you do about dust mites? 

Freedom Carpet Cleaners' modern methods don't recycle the filthy extracted solutions, so you can be SURE that these dust mites and their faeces have moved out for good.


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