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We're truly proud of the quality of our cleaning. Here are the secrets of our success: 

First of all, your Operator carries out colour and construction tests to help them select the very best solution for the job – no one solution fits all. 

Then your Operator discusses any problem areas with you and pre-treats them to aid complete extraction. 

The next step is to prepare the machines. You’ll be pleased to hear that everything except the hose pipe stays outside, which means minimum disruption to your day. 

The very hot cleaning solution is then injected into the carpet under very high pressure via fine jets. It’s then drawn straight back to the machine and stored in a separate, sealed compartment, ready for disposal. 

Most machines recycle filthy cleaning solution – we don't. 

Before your very eyes, your carpets will undergo a remarkable transformation. If you dare, take a peek afterwards at the black, filthy solution; you’ll scarcely believe your eyes. 

You can walk on your carpets straight away and they take approximately five hours to be completely dry. Upholstery will be dry the following day. 

We’re not cavalier. If our scientific tests are unable to identify a fibre type or dye content, we'll back off for further technical assistance. We don’t take chances with your possessions. 

And remember, all of our products are designed for home use, making them entirely safe for even the most vulnerable members of your household, such as small children and pets.

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