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We always visit your home in order to provide a written quotation. This only takes five minutes and comes without any obligation.

All written quotations are valid for twelve months. 

The reason for a home consultation is to discuss your needs and thereby accurately assess the time needed and work required.

The price is guaranteed not to change AT ANY TIME. Nor for any reason, even if there are stains that were unseen when the job was priced. The price you were quoted is the price you pay.

And remember - you only pay if you’re completely satisfied that the results are beautiful.


We'll always offer you a discounted price if we're working in your area or you're able to work with us schedule wise. This is

because we save costs on travelling time, and we'd like to pass the saving on to you.

Each job is carefully timetabled, so only work booked for that day can be carried out. Of course, should you like any

additional cleaning, we ask that you contact the office to arrange a further consultation.

We request that payment is made by cheque or online banking only. Most customers pay on completion of the job if

completely satisfied. If you’d rather allow the carpets / upholstery to settle first, please ask to be invoiced.

We look forward to working our magic on your home.

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