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We do all the furniture moving for you and return it to its original location. All you need to do is have your hot water

on & move delicate or fragile items away.

We will fit into your daily routine in whatever way suits you best – whether that means explaining things to you every step

of the way, or simply leaving you in peace and getting on discreetly with their work. 

Your Operator will be wearing a Freedom Carpet Cleaner uniform and carrying photo ID. 

Your Operator is someone you can TRUST. You can rely on them to do a beautiful job and to treat both you and your

home with the utmost respect, and afterward place pads under certain pieces to protect them from any dampness. 

Of course, some furniture can't be moved due to its size. If an item touches the floor all around the base (for example, a

display unit or large wardrobe), it's usually very clean underneath and so best left untouched.

With this in mind, they won't move grandfather clocks or pianos. You'll also be pleased to hear that they won't

interfere with television or computer connections. 

Once the job's complete, everything will be just as you left it – only without the stains and grime! 

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