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The problem doesn't end with dust mites. Your home has to put up with the trappings of family life too. 

After all, who hasn't enjoyed the odd meal in front of the TV?


As a rule almost all dark marks can be removed however fake tan, old blood and original Lucozade will not diminish.  

And don't we all have friends who come round and get stuck enthusiastically into the red wine?

Over time, even small splashes and spills can add up to a nasty, smelly mess. And, we haven't even started on the havoc wreaked by pets and their hairs.


And, let's not forget to mention children - including the fully grown variety...!

Despite your best efforts, it's just not possible for you to deal with everything life has to throw at your home.

But now you can relax.

When it comes to stains, over the years, we've seen them all. We have professional, bespoke processes and tricks to deal with everything, including carbon soot and even those stubborn draught marks around your skirting boards and under your doors.

You'll be amazed at the results we achieve in your home.​

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